Pinky pinklets

1. Knee length pink dress with bowties; price  290

2. Stretch Lycra cotton suit(DRESS & SWEATER) available in all colours; price 100euros

3. Sweet green & pink casual business suit; Available in all cours and materials. Price 300euros

4. Business  costume ; price 300 euros


cats,wild cats, big black panthers;They are fierce,unpredictable elegant and charming…. Get the catlook ladies!

So i figured out a way to bring a solution to this problem……Why not just a complete body suit for the winter occassions?

Bellalinda comes with a set of exclusive winter catsuits collection, which are made to fit every body type.

The purpose of these set is to  shape up your body , making it look thinner firm  and sporty.

Wondering how to wear them?

Casual; In my case, i always wear my catsuits with  just a simple long blazers and a pair of long boots and am good to go..

Office look; However, for the office occassions, i usually wear my catsuits with a short circular skirt and a nice pair of  belt, which matches my pumps and purse.But then i go for the transparent catsuits instead.




Rowdy trends




I sometimes have a thing for a tomboy look. Cowboy huts, high boots and loose casual blazers can make you look good, without losing that feminine side.


Summer look

I learnt that cleavages are getting off trends.But how can we look simple and sexy without exposing some flesh?  Can classic collars really fix this problem?